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        Voice of the Aerial Application Industry

        NAAA works to support the agricultural aviation industry which is made up of small businesses and pilots that use aircraft to aid farmers in producing a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food, fiber and biofuel, in addition to protecting forestry and controlling health-threatening pests.


        POTENTIAL SMALL BUSINESS AID FOR AERIAL APPLICATORS - The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), is an unprecedented economic relief package passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump to stem the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill is a $2 trillion dollar lifeline in loans and grants for large and small businesses, as well a direct payments for most Americas. Read More

        FAA WON’T ENFORCE MEDICAL CERTIFICATES EXPIRING NOW UNTIL JUNE’S END; CHECK WITH INSURER FIRST TO ENSURE COVERAGE; REGARDLESS, SCHEDULE YOUR AIRMAN MEDICAL EXAM ASAP: The FAA has published a notice the agency will take no legal enforcement action against pilots or flight crew members with medical certificates expiring between March 31 and June 30, 2020. This is being done to reduce pressure on the medical system as the nation deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. The notice applies to 1st 2nd and 3rd class medical certificates. Read More


        UAS OPERATORS CAUTIONED TO NOT DISRUPT FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC BY INTERFERING WITH LOW-FLYING AG AIRCRAFT: As the nation enters the upcoming growing season in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NAAA is asking all Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators to be extra mindful of low-flying manned agricultural aircraft operations. Read More

        NAAA ESTABLISHES AERIAL IMAGING MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY WITH FOCUS ON PRECISION AG: NAAA’s voting members overwhelmingly approved a new aerial imaging membership category for those collecting aerial images for crop-sensing, precision agriculture or other related purposes. Additionally, a Precision Agriculture Committee has been established as a new advisory committee to NAAA’s board of directors. Read More

        The National Agricultural Aviation Association has received a 2019 Best of NAMA Merit Award for its ad campaign promoting aerial application services. The Best of NAMA, sponsored by the National Agri-Marketing Association, honors the best in agricultural marketing communications. Read More

        MONTANA AERIAL APPLICATOR DARRIN PLUHAR ELECTED 2020 NAAA PRESIDENT: The National Agricultural Aviation Association is pleased to announce Montana native Darrin Pluhar has been elected its president for 2020. Pluhar owns Plu’s Flying Service Inc. in Ekalaka, Montana. Read More

        FIVE FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AERIAL APPLICATION AND UAVS: Over the last few years, NAAA has consistently needed to set the record straight about inaccurate and/or misleading claims made about how unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology can act as a wholesale replacement to manned aircraft applying crop protection products. NAAA believes UAV application technologies can be a valuable tool for growers by complementing manned aircraft. But it is vital for those desiring aerial application services to know the facts about the capabilities of manned aircraft and UAVs before making financial decisions. Here are five facts regarding the more commonly repeated inaccurate claims about manned aerial application. Read More 

        NAAA UPDATES CHECKLIST FOR PILOTS SUBJECT TO THE DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM TARGETING AN AG AIRCRAFT: In response to a series of shooting threats and incidents in 2019, NAAA updated its checklist of actions operators and pilots can take in the event someone threatens to or discharges a firearm at their aircraft. NAAA has now updated that checklist to cite the specific federal laws that are violated when someone shoots, or threatens to shoot, an aircraft. Read More

        MARK AND LOG TOWERS TODAY TO AVOID LIABILITY AND COMPLY WITH UPCOMING FAA REGULATIONS: Many landowners and farmers might not be aware that due to provisions in both the FAA Extension, Safety and Security Act of 2016 and the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, towers between 50 and 200 feet tall with an above-ground base of less than 10 feet in diameter in rural areas are legally required to be marked and/or logged in a database the FAA is currently developing. Previously, no towers under 200 feet were subject to any federal marking requirements. Read More

        2019 NAAA OPERATOR SURVEY REPORT RELEASED TO MEMBERS: NAAA is pleased to announce that its 2019 Aerial Application Industry Survey Operator Report is available for members to download. The survey is chockful of key statistics showing the healthy status of the U.S. aerial application industry. Read More 

        NAAA NOW OFFERING LEGAL SERVICES ON FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION LAWS TO OPERATOR AND PILOT MEMBERS: To continuously improve upon its service to the aerial application industry, NAAA has entered into an agreement to provide legal-consulting services to its aerial application operator and pilot members on federal transportation issues. Read More

        NAAA AD ENCOURAGES GROWERS TO LEARN BEFORE THEY LEASE TO WIND ENERGY COMPANIES: NAAA has created a new ad that encourages landowners and growers to consider all the facts and potential ramifications before they lease their property to a wind energy entity. The ad is available to members in a variety of sizes and colors to place in their local newspapers and ag publications. Read More

        VIDEO AND NARRATIVE UNDERSCORING TOWER MARKING’S EFFECTIVENESS AVAILABLE: NAAA is making available video showing the challenge low-level agricultural pilots have in seeing unmarked towers and the difference in visibility if those towers are marked and lighted. The video was provided to NAAA with permission by Roger Dreyer and Karen Allen. Read More

        Key Resources

        (Click here to download a Print Membership Application)












        Aerial Application's Growing Role

        NAAA: 50+ Years of Ag Aviation Advocacy

        Upcoming Events

        Oct. NAAA & NAAREF Board Meetings

        Book your hotel room online here. Call (865) 522-2600 and provide code: NAA...

        2020 Ag Aviation Golf Tournament

        For further information, contact Katherine at the Arkansas AAA: katherine@araaa.org ...

        See more events »

        Find an Aerial Applicator

        In need of aerial application services? Search NAAA’s Find an Aerial Applicator database to find an aerial applicator near you. All companies in the database are members of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, a mark of professionalism!

        Social Media

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